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Smoke & Mirror Solutions

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This page will get longer and longer as we add more paints!

What’s in the name? – In architecture we would sometimes say “It’s all a bunch of smoke & mirrors.” when trying to sell our unfinished concept with beautiful art and profound concepts. In model building we create beautiful buildings and dioramas that magically deceive the eye and mind into believing our outcomes to be real...Smoke & Mirrors!

What type of solutions are these? – All our products are acrylic, water-based solutions. They are non-toxic and clean up with soap and water. Some are very diluted so care needs to be taken (as with all water-based products) to apply conservatively to prevent as much warping as possible. Wood does warp, but is easily remedied. If you need suggestions to take the warp out of wood, contact us and we would be delighted to share some of our tricks!

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Brown #10 | Beige #10 | Dark Brown #10 | Leather #10 | Taupe #10

SMS #001

Taupe | Leather | Brown |

Beige | Dark Brown

SMS #001 – $19.99

These colors are used in the following kits:

Atlantic Cable Mine | Kokomo House

Hoist/Boiler House

SMS #001 – 5 pack – lighter color washes – 1oz. bottles

5 bottles in a package

Need a quick and way to mix our SMS solutions or any of your other paints? Try our Badger paint mixer!


Paint Mixer

SMS-PM – $12.00

“batteries not included”

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SMS Paint Mixer – single quick clean unit

requires 2 AA batteries

Mud Puddle | Fade 2 Gray | Cherry Milkshake | Molly Brown | New Timber

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SMS #002 – 5 pack - Wood washes – color washes

Now in development...

SMS-003 will have some new accent washes as well as some new colors

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Smoke & Mirror Solutions


SMS #002

Mud Puddle | Fade 2 Gray |

Cherry Milkeshake  

Molly Brown | New Timber

SMS #002 – $19.99

5 bottles in a package

Smoke and Mirror solutions-002 side view
Smoke and Mirror solutions-002 front view
Smoke and Mirror solutions-001 side view
Smoke and Mirror solutions-002 front view