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Paint Organizer


With three different tier heights, 24 cells, and 8 movable cell dividers, this organizer provides plenty of room and flexiblility to store and organize those tools you need to build great models, keeping them at your fingertips and unclutterng that work area. It measures 12-inches wide x 4¾-inches deep x 3-inches high at the back. Laser-cut from 4-ply matboard. Assembly required (instructions included). Display model has been painted.

Benchtop Organizer – Ragg's...To Riches? original design

Paint Organizer

Detail Tools & Accessories

More items to come...as they becomes available!

Paint Organizer - empty
Paint Organizer - full

Benchtop Organizer


This is the same shelf system we use in our shop to organize all of the paints, stains, and glues, and all other misc. bottles we have collected and use. Also can be used for spices at home! Laser-cut from 4-ply matboard. Assembly required (instructions included)

Paint Organizer - Great for paints/spices

Benchtop Organizer - to organize everything

Tape - our super double sided tape

AC–Glue - Cyanoacrylate glue - thin, thick,

                 and Gap filling

SMS Paint Mixer - Just like it says. Great tool!

Station Benches - (HO, S, O)

              Ragg's...To Riches? original design

Chairs - (S, O)

              Ragg's...To Riches? original design

Tables - (S, O)

              Ragg's...To Riches? original design

Double-Sided Tape

Double-Sided Tape


The best cyanoacrylte glue there is (our tested opinion).

Can be used for wood, plastic, ABS, and really works great with out white metal castings! 1/2 ox. bottle with an anti-clog nozzle.


CA Glue


SMS paint mixer - great for our paints

Need a quick and way to mix our SMS solutions or any of your other paints?

Try our Badger paint mixer!


Paint Mixer

SMS-PM – $12.00

“batteries not included”

SMS Paint Mixer – single quick clean unit

requires 2 AA batteries

Benchtop organizer - full
Benchtop organizer - empty
Wild West CA Glue

Super Thin, Gap Filling and Thick.

Our double sided tape is an aggresive, permanent acrylic adhesive. It is the same tape we use and recommend for application of our paper corrugated roofing, Shake shinges and the paper "metal" siding included in our mining kits. This tape is thin, hand tearable and cuts easily without damaging the substrate. Tech specs: 4 mils (.004") thick, short term temp range 40deg to 365 deg.F. Long term 175 deg F. 1/2-inch wide x 165-feet long. Actual tape may vary from picture.

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Wild West Double Sided tape for shake shingles and corrugated roofing

1/2" wide x 165' long

4 mils (.004" thick)

Glue Type:

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