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Wild West Scale Model Builders

Welcome to our home! Please enjoy your visit and come back soon!

(NOTE: If you experience graphics loading funny, or have not cleared your browsers cache for a while, re-load this and other pages to get up to date page views. Always use the most current web browser. We will be adding content regularly! Welcome to Wild West Scale Model Builders!)

Another Update!

This update is a big one! We redesigned our web site in a newer software program, and getting everything converted was time consuming to say the least! We have added as many photos as we could track down for all the detail parts, and have added a lot of content to all of those pages. We have even included some items we had only previously sold at shows. We also have some Raggs to Riches parts available online too!

New Items

We have a good start now to our available Logging Detail parts, and should have the rest completed shortly. Next will be Machines, then my favorite...Mining (though we do have Ore Bin Gates available now).

New in Strutures are the N scale Dons Dry Goods, N scale Kokomo House, and our HO scale Hoist/Boiler House for the Atlantic cable mine. New 3D Rotary dump and V-Dump ore cars are available, as well as many other misc. details.

Korie, Molly, Madeline and I thank you again for all your suport.

As with all site updates this big, if you find a link, or something not working well, please feel free to let me know!

Hoist/Boiler House

Now available in: HO

Kokomo House

Now available in: HO & S

and NEW in N scale

Rotary Dump Ore Cars

Now available in: HO, S, O scales

Paper Corrugated Roofing

Available in: N, HO, S, & O scales

Shake Shingles

Available in: N, HO, S, & O scales

“The Molly minute...”

Many of you like to hear how little Molly is doing, so this section is dedicated for just that!

Molly (5) is officially in kindergarten and loves her teachers and classmates. She went on her first field trip in September. Remember those days?

“The Madeline minute...”

Maddie is now 3-1/2 years old!

She is in pre-pre-school and is quite the little lady! Because Molly is still in school on Fridays, we go to "Old McDonalds" for our special lunches every week.

“Our MnM’s”

Rails in the RockiesEstes Park, Colorado

February 2014 - We will not be attending, but like to list the dates for local modelers.

HostlersOgden, Utah -

March 6,7,8Looking forward to being back at the show!

Sn3 SymposiumBellevue, WA

April 1618 - Hopefully we will be able to bring our new detail parts in S scale.

35th National Narrow Gauge Convention

Houston, TX - reserve early!

September 2nd–5th

Atlantic Cable Mine

Now available in: HO, S, & NEW in O scale