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Western Scale Models comes back to life!
As you might have heard, or seen us advertise, we are the new owners of Western Scale Models! We will be re-releasing all of the previously discontinued HO, S, and O scale craftsman kits.

We will also continue to produce 1:20.3 (F) scale kits...which may lead us into producing structures of the same size down the road.

All of the Western Scale Model line will be found here on our web site. We have added, or will be adding, a bunch of Detail Parts Pages to our web site and navigation bar. It might take us a while to get all the kits in production, but we will be working as fast as we can to do this. A PayPal “add to cart” button will appear when the kit is available to purchase.

We are taking first come, first served pre-release kit reservations for anyone who would like to get the first kits available. No advance payment required, just send us an email with what you are looking for.

Other news: The Atlantic Cable Mine and Quartz Hill Mine are now available (new) in O scale!
Pitkin House in S scale

Next up!
March will focus on getting the Western Scale 1:20.3 products in production. We will be working on a few other kits, but the main focus for March is LARGE!

As always, if you have any recommendations for future structure releases, please let us know.

That's all for now, stay tuned!

Thank you again for all of your support and check back soon! Have a very Merry Christmas!


Rails in the RockiesEstes Park, Colorado
February 15–16 - We will not be attending, but like to list the dates for local modelers.

HostlersOgden, Utah - Celebrating 25 yrs!
Feb 28, March 1&2 -  Do to show overlap, we will not be able to attend this year. We will be back next year! We will miss everyone!

Sn3 SymposiumDallas/Fort Worth, TX
Feb 27,28, March 1 - Hopefully we will be able to bring our new detail parts in S scale.

NMRA National Convention
Cleveland, OH - July 18-20

34th National Narrow Gauge Convention
Kansas City, KS - reserve early!
September 3-6th

Paper Corrugated Roofing

Available in: N, HO, S, & O scales

Paper Corrugated roofing strips

Rotary Dump Ore Cars

Now available in: HO scale

Other styles now available too!

Many of you like to hear how little Molly is doing, so this section is dedicated for just that!

Molly (4.75) is officially in pre-school and has  promised us that, “...even when I get older, I will still be your little girl!”

Maddie is almost 3 years old!

Here are a few of her since the last web site update!

Kokomo House

Now available in: HO & S

Shake Shingles

Available in: N, HO, S, & O scales

Wild West Models Shake shingles
Atlantic Cable Mine

Atlantic Cable Mine

Now available in: HO, S, & NEW in O scale

kokomo house

Wild West Scale Model Builders

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rotary dump ore car
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“The Molly minute...”

“The Madeline minute...”


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quartz hill mine

Quartz Hill Mine

Now available in: N, HO, S, & NEW in O scale

MnM in hospital
Maddie at the farm
maddie at shop
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MnM builders
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