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New Structures!

We will be introducing three new kits on April 12, (fingers crossed)! The Earl Lee Store, kit #812 in O scale, the Ironton House #1 (kit #232) and the Druid Mine (kit #235) in HO scale.

New Mining machinery

We have many new mining items!

Wilfley tables in HO, S, O scales.

10 stamp battery in HO, S, O scales.

New rock crushers in HO, S, and O scales.

New ore bin gates in HO, S, O, and F scales.

New ore cars in N, HO, S, and O scales.

New in S scale!

We have the Atlantic Cable Mine Hoist House available in S scale!

Other stuff...

Paint mixers are back in stock!

Thank you:

Thank you again to everyone for your continued input and support.

Paper Corrugated Roofing

Available in: N, HO, S, & O scales

Available in 2 widths!

“The Molly minute...”

Many of you like to hear how little Molly is doing, so this section is dedicated for just that!

Molly (8), is in 3rd grade! She is growing up too fast...you can see for yourself. Lots of pics this update...

(Older pictures can be found on our about us page.)

“The Madeline minute...”

Maddie is almost 7 years old! (Time flies...)

She spent the summer playing, as well as, performing with the Junior Denver Broncos Cheerleading squad. Below she is pictured with her squad cheerleader Hayley.

“Our MnM’s”

Rails in the RockiesEstes Park, Colorado

February 2019 - We will not be attending, but like to list the dates for local modelers.

HostlersOgden, Utah -

March 8-10, 2019We WILL NOT be able to attend the show this year. We are very sorry!

Sn3 SymposiumSeattle, WA

April 4–6, 2019  

39th National Narrow Gauge Convention

Sacramento, CA - reserve early!

September 4–7, 2019

Ore Cars

Now available in:

O scales, S scale,

HO scale

we have a lot of great content on this site, please explore and enjoy!
Smoke and Mirror Soultions set 2

Gallery Pages!

We have been working on our gallery pages. Check them out! If you dont see your photo in them, please send us one (or more) and we will add it to the galleries!

paper corrugated roofing
stamp battery- wild west models- western scale models

10 Stamp Battery

Now available in:

O scale, S scale, and HO scale

Wilfley Table

Now available in:

O scales, S scale, HO scale

Maddie JDBC
archery bullseye
Maddie JDBC
skate and bike
wild west scale models
story time
scenery work
custom shirts
rockies baseball
Wild West Scale Models
Maddie Soccer game

Rock Crushers

Now available in:

O scales, S scale,

HO scale

Hoist House - Atlantic Cable Mine

Now available in:

S scale, HO scale,

N scale - coming