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S scale additions!

We have the Silverton House for the FIRST time, available in S scale! We also have the Earl Lee Store NEW in S scale now available!

We are also working for a few more O scale structures and machines that should be ready in June, if everything goes well! :)

Other News...

Design and development continue for new parts and new structures. The portable 3-stamp battery is almost ready. We will have the O scale Engine Lathe and another O scale machine ready shortly. We have updated pictures on the mining details pages. Making new molds and developing the whole Western Scale product line continues. Lots to do, and so little time!

We always encourage your suggestions for kits and detail parts you would like to see from us in the future. Demand drives production. Write to us anytime! I can be slow to reply, but I read everything! :)

The National Narrow Gauge convention will be here in our "backyard" this year. We may do some limited shop tours. Email us and let us know if this would be something you would be interested in. Space and tour times will be limited. I will post more information based on demand and when we figure out logistics!

Thank you:

Thank you again to everyone for your continued input and support.

Paper Corrugated Roofing

Available in: N, HO, S, & O scales

Available in 2 widths!

“The Molly minute...”

Many of you like to hear how little Molly is doing, so this section is dedicated for just that!

Molly (8), almost done with second grade! She is growing up too fast...you can see for yourself.

(Older pictures can be found on our about us page.)

“The Madeline minute...”

Maddie is now 6 years old! (Time flies...)

She is ready for first grade after a fun summer of skating, swimming and lots of playing! Molly and Madeline are BFF's

“Our MnM’s”

Rails in the RockiesEstes Park, Colorado

February 2017 - We will not be attending, but like to list the dates for local modelers.

HostlersOgden, Utah -

March 3,4,5Looking forward to being back at the show!

Sn3 SymposiumSt. Louis, MO

April 68, 2017  

37th National Narrow Gauge Convention

Denver, CO - reserve early!

August 30 -September 2nd – 2017

Ore Bin Gates

Now available in:

HO, S, O scales

Rock Crusher

Now available in:

HO, S, and O scales

we have a lot of great content on this site, please explore and enjoy!
Smoke and Mirror Soultions set 2
Silverton House thumbnail

The Silverton House

Now available in:

HO, S & N scales

Gallery Pages!

We have been working on our gallery pages. Check them out! If you dont see your photo in them, please send us one (or more) and we will add it to the galleries!

Ore Bin Gates- wild west models- western scale models
paper corrugated roofing
rock crusher - wild west models- western scale models
stamp battery- wild west models- western scale models

10 stamp battery

Now available in:

O scale

Earl Lee Store - Wild West Scale Models

Earl Lee Store

Now available in:

HO, S & N scales